This is a blog about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. I am a National Socialist and proud of my race.

You Must Learn To Obey

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Magnificent photo of Hitler saluting German workers at Nuremberg, 1938

Hitler enjoying himself on a Kriegsmarine ship.

Hitler saluting Italian women.

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Color photo of Hitler looking on at a Nuremberg Rally

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Hitler vor dem Rathaus in Klagenfurt. 1938-04-05 

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Three 280mm rail mounted cannons preparing to fire.

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German soldiers gathering their dead comrades for burial in Russia, July 1941

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Waffen SS soldiers clear a barbed wire hurdle to join their comrades behind a building on the Easter Front during an attack.

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Leibstandarte SS ‘Adolf Hitler

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Marry, Fuck, Kiss, Cuddle, Get Drunk With send me FIVE names.

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Hitler in Innsbruck. 1938-04-06 

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BDM Girls Do Calisthenics at Hitler Youth Rally.